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Content Marketing is all about using the stories, opinions and news in form of video, image and texts online to retain the image of the business. We make strategy, build, write and promote content that will improve your search performance and meet the objective of acquiring and retaining customers.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

Content Audit and Strategy: We can run an audit of your online assets and content, identify the spaces where you can improve and build a strategy.
Content Production: We can help you create the content that will keep your brand relevant. We will use text, images, graphic and videos to make interesting content for your brand.
Content Seeding: Your content needs right integration with SEO and Social Media to reach your audience. We help you take your content to the people.

Key points

  • Use content on a regular basis and always stay visible
  • Maintain a continuous search for current topics
  • Do not try to sell directly in your content
  • Make your content short, punchy and interesting

Key Terms

Content Auditing and creating Strategy: Review of client’s current content and provide a strategy combining with quarter to annual operational plan and schedule of content
Analytics and Reporting: Analysis of the content performance on different channels.
Content Design and Production: Designing text, image / graphic or video based content.
Content Placement and Promotion: Addressing the right media to place the content and promote them to the target audience by using mix of media.