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Email Marketing is sometimes known as the oldest form of online marketing; yet the importance is undeniable. As Emails convey the image of the business, this is always a great opportunity to do smart marketing. Therefore, not only the Marketing Emails, but also Transaction Emails should be your considerations as you these communications convey your brand and business image.
The full scope of Email Marketing covers from data management, email platform setup, email templates design, tracking and email reporting.
It is very crucial now to consider the new General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) that has been agreed by EU and will be implemented by 25 May 2018. UK will implement a similar standard of Data Protection law by then. Storing, managing and marketing based on customer data has never been more important. We can help you set a safer approach to your data management and email marketing practices.

Key points

  • Make sure you use and store the data lawfully
  • Use responsive and smart email templates
  • Review your email analytics on a regular basis to improve

Key Terms

General Data Protection Rule (GDPR): A new data protection rule that will require clients to ask permissions from users extensively and make a fair use of data.
Transactional Emails: Emails that are sent and received as parts of business transactions or operations for example: receipt, invoice, delivery details ...
Marketing Emails: Emails that are sent to the customer using any marketing methods to drive sales; for example: promotion deals, discount offer, retargeting emails ...
Email Analytics: The email campaign results including open rate, click rate, bounce rate ...