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An Internet Strategy is the association of SEO, telemetry (analytics) and ROI (Return on investment).
When your website is launched, only half the work has been done. You need to improve your web presence (SEO) step by step while at the same time maintaining the website (Webmaster Tools, code up to date). It is also necessary to keep an eye on your website analytics in order to improve pages and satisfy your users better. Finally, and usually the most important factor for e-commerce websites, the Return on investment. It is easy today to calculate the ROI thanks to advanced analytics.

Key points

  • SEO
  • Telemetry
  • ROI

Key Terms

Webmaster Tools: This tool is provided by Google to help you list your website and its pages on Google search engine.
E-commerce: It is a website which sells services or products. It is usually composed of categories, products, a basket and a checkout process.


Starts from £200 / per month.