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Paid Advertising ranges from Pay Per Click (PPC), Online Advertising to Youtube Advertising. Whether it is to drive traffic to your website or to make a sales promotion, using Paid Advertising is a proven method. Paid Advertising works best as a part of integrated digital marketing campaigns where social media is used to amplify the results of Paid Advertising.
Possibly the most important use of Paid Advertising is targeting and retargeting customers online. By using a various mix of channels, paid advertising is done to target them to drive the traffic back to website to purchase.

Key points

  • Plan, execute, review and follow the same process again for Paid Advertising
  • Always stay current because Paid Advertising rules are always changing
  • Use a mix of tools to maximize the potential of your outcome

Key Terms

Pay Per Click (PPC): Using Google Adwords, PPC is a click based advertising method where advertisers pay when users click on the ad.
Online Advertising: Online Advertising is a mix of different methods of advertisements including display adverts, PPC, Youtube adverts ...
Youtube Advertising: Using Video and Display Advertisements on Youtube channel
Integrated campaign: A campaign that integrates multiple channels or media including google search, websites, apps ...
Paid traffic generation: Driving traffic to websites by using Paid advertisements.