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Achieving success through digital marketing is a journey. The digital marketing journey is accompanied by many elements like SEO, Online Advertisement and using a wide mix of Social Media. Appropriate use of Social Media simply maximizes the potential of your digital marketing activities.
The Stages of Social Media Journey
Digital Presence: Awareness is not everything but the first thing to achieve in marketing. Social media is arguably the most important platform to achieve digital presence. Now, make sure that you are present in the social media where your customers are. You do not necessarily have to use all the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and LinkedIn, but choose the relevant ones.
Customer Engagement: When your customers are already present on a platform, why not make their life easier by being visible to that same platform? 4 out 5 customers would like to make enquirers on social media. Promote your business: When the business needs to be promoted online, social media is another piece in the puzzle that you must not forget. Right use of social media to promote your business will fulfil your digital marketing journey.

Key points

  • Use social media extensively to increase digital presence
  • Engage with your customers and prospects on social media
  • Regularly check analytics and review your activities
  • Make sure you use all the social media platform as relevant to your business

Key Terms

Social Media Analytics: Reporting of the social media activities in terms of reach, interaction, engagement ...
Engagement: Activities where the customers take part in two way communication by commenting, asking questions, recommending or sharing your messages.
Social Media Journey: By using different social media platform, you can create awareness, make engagement and be recommended by your customers.