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UX (User Experience) is one of the most important subjects in the creation of websites. It should be thought about before any code is written. It is fundamental to understand it and even more fundamental to apply it.
UX is about understanding in depth your customer (who?), what problem they are trying to solve, or what pleasurable state do they want to enter (what?). Rudimentary sketches must be produce quickly and cheaply; solutions must be developed (how?). These solutions also need to be measured (telemetry). To this end, users must be recruited and supervised while performing actions (Usability Testing). After these final tests, your prototype will be ready to be built starting with the template.

Key points

  • Who?
  • What?
  • How?
  • Telemetry
  • Usability Testing

Key Terms

Telemetry: It is a way to analyse your wireframe. You need to figure out what questions you are going to ask, what data would answer those questions, and where you would place your measuring points to collect that data.
Usability Testing: This phase is to check that what has been created in the sketches reflects what your user is trying to solve in an easy and efficient way.


Starts from £500.