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After understanding your target audience, it is time to create a wireframe answering their needs. This will help them achieve their goals by, for example, easily providing the information they were looking for or buying a product.
Why a mockup? Because creating a website is like building a house, you need to think ahead rather than making (big) changes afterwards which is neither cost-effective nor time-saving.

Key points

  • Discover the best and fastest way for the user to achieve their goals
  • Mockup a creation based on the findings above
  • Test, test and test this mockup with as many “actual” or “future” users as possible. This test is also part of UX (User Experience)

Key Terms

Wireframe: A wireframe is a quick and rough sketch of your website, it needs to be easy to make and update. As an explanation, you would not start building a house without previously planning it.
Cost-effective: It means good value for money paid.
Users: They are the people who are going to use your website, your visitors, they can be your clients, patients, customers…


For complete website:
Projects start from £500.
E-commerce developement start from £2500.