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Internet is nowadays about your target audience (visitors) and how to please them. Understanding them and what they are trying to achieve is the first step to a successful website (and business).
If you succeed in understanding the information or the product your audience is looking for, then and only then will you accomplish your own goals and objectives.

Key points

  • Understand your target audience
  • Comprehend how to answer the target audience’s needs and goals
  • Connect your audience’s goals with your own

Key Terms

Target audience: It is the users or visitors your website is aiming at, they can be your clients, patients, customers…
Needs: As a company or individual, your website is answering to your needs by communicating or offering your target audience some information, services or products.
Goals (Objectives): Every business has goals/objectives; the role of the website is to achieve them.


For complete website:
Projects start from £500.
E-commerce developement start from £2500.